iKombi has years of experience in full re-sprays of automotive’s vehicles, especialising in early model Kombis.

All our work is done using the latest and best quality paints available in today’s market.

The preparation is the most crucial phase of re-spraying, we aim at using minimal body filler and 2pac high fill primers, as well as top quality paints such as DuPont and PPG.

All our re-sprays are carried out in full down draft saico ovens. We also do touch ups blends and color matching to any old paint in acrylic or 2pac. 

At iKombi, we appreciate the time and effort you put into your kombi, we share your love and passion to revive your kombi to a level that reflects the meticulous standards serious collectors are looking for.

We believe, beauty is more than just skin deep, which is why we're specialists in rust removal and quality welding practices.

Your pride and joy is in good hands at iKombi .